Elephant Belt

Elephant Belt

Elephant Belt

Price: $299.00

Availability is limited and have not been able to get additional inventory, so order quickly before they are gone!

These heavy-duty 1 ½” belts are designed for concealed carry but they can do so much more. They are made from one extra-thick piece of hide and this alone sets them apart from most other exotic hide belts which are made from short pieces of scrap which separate over time.

The unique shading on this belt does not happen by accident. The elephant hide is first dyed black and that pigment is then removed from the raised areas to accentuate the creases in the hide. The veining this process creates gives this primarily gray belt black highlights which provides a stunning, three dimensional look. The color coordinated hardware is removable in case you want to use your own buckle and the edges are rounded for comfort.

While this belt is designed for concealed carry it can do so much more; wear it every day with a pair of jeans, slide centerfire ammo pouches on it while hunting or use it to carry a shotgun shell pouch at the skeet range. Complete your set by ordering a matching quick-access elephant key hanger to free up space in your pockets for a knife or other essential gear.

Sizing: Measure your existing belt from the hole you use to the end of the buckle and order the next larger size to account for the greater thickness of this belt. The spacing on this belt totals 5” so the first hole on a 38” belt will be 35.5” and the last hole will be 40.5”. If you are going to slide on a centerfire ammo or shotgun shell pouch, add one more size. If you are going to use it as a concealed carry belt with an inside the waist band holster, measure your existing concealed carry belt or add two sizes.

Restrictions: We cannot ship this item to HI, CA, NV, WA, OR, NY, NJ, MA or internationally.