Elephant Hair & Warthog Tusk Bracelet

Elephant Hair & Warthog Tusk Bracelet

Elephant Hair & Warthog Tusk Bracelet

Price: $999.00

This fabulous piece adjusts to fit both men and women and incorporates 12 intricate elephant knots that highlight the incredible skill of our maker who has tied tens of thousands of these knots over a career spanning 60 years. Due to his dwindling supply of elephant hair that is legal to export and his impending retirement, he has created these extra special pieces for us.

The polished warthog ivory medallion in the middle measures 1 1/4" x 1” and contrasts beautifully against the jet black elephant hair.

Shipping Note
We cannot ship these out of the USA. Please check your state, county and local laws before ordering this product to make sure it is legal for you to purchase. Elephant hair and hide is illegal to ship to residents of NY, NJ, CT, MA, RI, VT, ME DE, IL, CA, NV, WA, OR and HI. If you place an order with a ship to address to one of the above states, we will have to cancel your order.