Price: $349.00

We have had great success with all the Courteney® products and we are pleased to add this model to the growing number of boots and accessories we inventory in the USA. This is their below the ankle fair chase hunting boot featuring a padded sport boot collar and extended facing for additional ankle support. The toe box is a bit taller on this model than on the other three boot models we carry and in some cases (if your toes point upwards) this will allow for a better fit. Customers have asked for a boot with a lighter, less aggressive tread than their iconic "truck tire lug sole" we feature on the other three models and thus this model is offered in a less aggressive ripple sole. A less aggressive sole is often thought to be quieter than a more aggressive one. This gives you the best of both worlds, traction when you need it going up and down the river banks in a sole that is less prone to picking up pebbles. Allows you to move with stealth so you can track down your game on foot-the sporting way! Available in Women's US 6-10.5 U.S.


If you currently own a pair of Courteney Boots, order your UK size shown in the top left and right hand corner of the logo patch above the heel. See illustration to the right.

If this is your first pair of Courteney Boots, simply order your most typical US Size and we'll convert it to the correct UK size for you.