Prone Tripod Model

Prone Tripod Model

Prone Tripod Model

Price: from $59.00

We have added Shorties to our line-up in response to dozens of requests from two very different groups of hunters: The first group-primarily varmint hunters-wanted a short set to use while shooting from the prone position. When these hunters were doing spot and stalk hunting of groundhogs or prairie dogs, the metal rests that attached to the bottom of their heavy varmint rifles dug into their backs when using a sling. They wanted a stable, light-weight model that would fit in their back pocket.

The second group- high-volume dove hunters-wanted a short pair of rests to place their shotguns on while they were cooling off. These hunters typically use two or three guns to avoid overheating them and did not want to have to put their fine shotguns against a bush or on the ground while cooling off. Our tripod keeps your gun off the ground and promotes maximum air flow around the barrels. All of the tops are leather so you do not have to worry about any plastic melting to your barrel. If you are shooting a side-by-side shotgun, we recommend you order a double rifle rest for extra stability.

Shorties measure approximately 18.5” overall and come with our hand-sewn circular leather tops.

In our Silver Grade, we offer kiln-dried Hickory which is the same species they use to make axe handles. It is a very tough and bend resistant wood. We rub a dark brown poly stain on it to make sure it blends in with your surroundings.

In our Gold Grade, we offer three exotic woods that are finished in a clear poly to let the natural beauty of the wood come through. The exotic woods used to craft these cost almost as much as the selling price of this offering. Thus we have to use the exotic wood on-hand after making other products. For that reason, we reserve the right to substitute other, equally attractive exotic woods.

We offer over several of the finest kiln dried domestic and exotic hardwoods from around the world to give you a striking selection to choose from:

A beautiful tan/brown wood with fine black striping. It is very hard rigid wood that takes a glass like finish. Think of a much harder, lighter walnut.

JATOBA (Brazillian Cherry)
Hard, heavy and tough. It is also one of the more commonly available exotic woods and the color range runs from Russett to reddish brown, often with some striping or streaking.

Up to two times stronger and more rigid than other domestic hardwoods which make it a great choice for this application. We rub a medium brown stain on this blonde wood to make sure it blends in with your surroundings.