Saltwater Crocodile Hat Band w/Teeth

Saltwater Crocodile Hat Band w/Teeth

Saltwater Crocodile Hat Band w/Teeth

Price: $129.00

These Salt water crocodile hat bands are crafted by hand and are accented with teeth that are secured with leather strips woven in the band to hold them in place. Salt water crocodile has a rich color and warm sheen that is unmatched by any other natural material. These will fit any hat and they can either be glued or stitched in place. The front piece of the hide strip fits through a small, inconspicuous slit in the back of the tail section so you can be guaranteed a perfect fit on any size hat. The tanning is expertly done which makes it very supple so it will never crack and the back of it is soft leather.

*Hat sold separately

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