Warthog Tusk Hearts Jewelry

Warthog Tusk Hearts Jewelry

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Warthog Tusk Hearts Jewelry

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The inspiration for these stunning pieces are the much larger soapstone hearts carved by the world renowned Shona artists of Zimbabwe. They take hours to cut, form and polish and all of this detail work is done by hand. These three-dimensional creations are made from ivory warthog tusk and vary in size, shape and character. As a general comment, the larger pieces tend to have more character as they are derived from the wider, more colorful, top portion of the tusk.

Both the pendant and earrings come in small, medium and large sizes. As a point of reference, the large ivory pendant is a bit larger than a quarter and the large earrings are approximately the size of a quarter. The pendant is mounted on a sterling silver “V” loop post and comes ready to wear with a very fine 18” sterling silver chain. The ivory earrings are hung from sterling silver shepherds hooks.

Pendant w/chain-$229
Both pieces- $299 (Save $49)