Big Five Dresser Caddy/Ashtray

Big Five Dresser Caddy/Ashtray

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Big Five Dresser Caddy/Ashtray

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Do you want both an elegant, safari inspired dresser caddy or a unique cigar ashtray? Then look no further than these silver-plated pieces which can be used for either one. They are crafted to our exacting specifications are another product you will not find anywhere else.

Each one is stamped with a different three-dimensional foot, hoof, or paw print from one of the Big Five. Each animal track was taken from an actual one using a plaster cast, which was then digitized and transferred to a copper stamping die to ensure realism. After that an embossing die adds depth and texture to the track. The removable silver-plated dish measures approximately 9” across and 1” deep. Each one ships with six removeable pieces that fit on the rim; three decorative accents if you want to use it as a dresser caddy and three 50-gauge cigar holders if you want to use it as an ashtray. Both above have a pair of metallic posts that fit into holes evenly placed around the wood rim.

The Rhodesian Teak wood “bowl” that the silver-plated dish sets into measures almost 12” across and has black felt on the bottom. Rhodesian Teak is the only wood in the world ever declared a national treasure. This red-toned exotic wood typically features brown or black streaking. To highlight the beauty of this unique specie, it is sprayed with multiple coats of high-gloss lacquer. While it is beautiful to look at, it is also incredibly tough and dense. Sections of the railway between South Africa and Zimbabwe that were installed over a century ago that utilized Rhodesian Teak railroad ties are still in use today!

You can purchase any one of the Big Five individually or save when you buy the complete set. Choose from elephant print (¼ scale), rhino (1/3 scale) Cape buffalo (2/3 scale), or life size paw prints of Lion or Leopard.

These African Sporting Creations exclusives will bring you right back to the last time you were behind the trackers as they unraveled the spoor. Order now as we expect this limited run to sell out quickly. Save $500 when you order all five for $2,499 or $599 individually.