Mammoth Bark Cigar Cutter

Mammoth Bark Cigar Cutter

Mammoth Bark Cigar Cutter

Price: from $599.00

This exquisite cigar cutter features the most colorful and unique part of the tusk, the outer bark. Each one is as unique as a fingerprint because each piece absorbs the minerals from the soil they have been buried in for millions of years in a different way. May be primarily brown, green, or on rare occasions, blue.

The blades are 440 stainless with a hardness rating of 57 so you never have to worry about them getting dull and it will work on up to a 58 ring gauge (very large) cigar. I have been using mine for many years and it still cuts cleanly. They have a lock to make sure they stay closed when not in use and come with an exotic hide carrying pouch. These are the same ones featured in the Robb Report, Cigar Aficionado and many other luxury publications. Order yours today and enjoy that favorite cigar even more tomorrow!

Please note, monogramming is done on the lighter colored back of of the cutter as the dark portion of the cutter does not lend itself well to scrimshawing.

California, New York and New Jersey have passed laws that make it illegal to sell mammoth ivory (tusk and teeth) so we are unable to ship these to those three states.