Super Compact Shooting Sticks

Super Compact Shooting Sticks

Super Compact Shooting Sticks

Price: from $399.00

Our 3-piece Super Compact Shooting Sticks are for those who like to travel with their firearms incognito in a shorter take-down case (Blaser, double rifles) and need a more compact set of shooting sticks. Instead of one set of anodized take-down connectors, these have two. The shorter wood sections make these sticks even more rigid than our other models. To make sure you can plant them in the ground, pointed tips are always facing down whether you use one, two, or all three sections. These are also our most versatile shooting sticks. Use the top section alone to shoot from the prone position. Connect the top section to the bottom ones which feature quiet wood points to shoot from the kneeling position or to make a 48" walking staff for navigating rough terrain. Use all three sections to shoot from the standing position.

Featherweights-Weigh approximately 2.5 lbs. and use lightweight but very rigid exotic African hardwood for the top and bottom sections. Hickory stained a medium brown color is used for the middle sections. $429

Standards-Larges weigh approximately 3.0 lbs. and use hickory stained medium brown for all sections. $379

Your Height
Longest Section
6' 2" +
5' 8"- 6' 1"
5' 2" - 5' 7"

Note: Super compacts will fit in a Blaser case.

Optional Personalization
Engrave your name (up to 30 characters) on the connector for $49.