African Sporting Creations, Exotic African Hunting Accessories
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African Sporting Creations
1421 Lexington Avenue, Suite 257
Mansfield, OH  44907

(419) 529-5599

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"Nature's Design" Warthog Tusk Hat Racks
"Trophy Room" Horn/Tusk Coat Racks
Zebra Director's Chair
Exotic Lighting
"Nature's Design" Warthog Tusk Gun Racks
Trophy Room Gun Racks
Wood Samples
Exotic Wood Furinture for the Home
Exotic Camp Accessories
Rhodesian Teak Director's Chairs
Rhodesian Teak Folding Tables
Folding Leather Camp Stools
Exotic Lighting
"Nature's Design" Horn Lighting
"Nature's Design" Kudu Horn/ Ostich Egg Wall Lamps
Exotic Accesories for the Home
Zebra/Antelope Circular Rugs
Antelope Skin Rugs
Zebra Skins
Picture Frames
Exotic Office Accesories
Horn, Antler, Tusk Letter Openers
Exotic Sporting Items
African Shooting Sticks
Fallow Deer Walking Staff
Scottish Stalking Sticks
Warthog Tusk Canes
Exotic Knives
Custom Stainless Knives
Custom Damascus Knives
Exotic Leather Shooting Accessories
Brindle Cowhide Shotgun Shell Carriers
Zebra Shotgun Shell Carriers
Rifle/ Shotgun Cases
African Weaponry
Antique Spears
Gemsbok Swords
Antique Shields
Antique Bows/Arrows, Axes & War Clubs
Antique Swords/Knives
Recent Production Spears, Shields, etc.
Exotic Jewelry & Accessories
For Her
Sterling/Giraffe Hair
Bushman Ostrich Egg Jewelry
Sterling Silver
For Him
Big Five Belt Buckles
Antler/Tusk Key Chains
Exotic Bar Accesories
Tusk openers
Springbok Horn Bottle/Wine Openers
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Shooting Sticks
Safari Clothing and Gear
Cape Buffalo Accessories
Exotic Knives
Exotic Canes
Rare African Collectibles
Men's Accessories
Sterling Jewelry
Home and Camp
Authentic Campaign Furniture & Accessories
Trophy Room Furniture
Zebra Skin & Antelope Rugs
Cape Buffalo Gun Cases
African Antelope Gun Cases
Cape Buffalo, Ostrich & Zebra Shell Carriers
Cape Buffalo, Crocodile & Antelope Rifle Slings & Binocular Straps
The Courteney Boot Company
Commission a Knife
Limited Editions
Folding Knives
Fixed Blade
Exotic Canes: Scrimshawed
"Big Five" Wooden Canes
Rhodesian Teak Cane/Spear Stand
Anitque Hunting Spears
Antique Shields
Antique Battle Axes
Leadwood & Shona Sculpture
Wall Mounted Spear Racks & Stands
Crocodile & Alligator Accessories
Men's Jewelry
Sterling Accessories
Rhodesian Teak Furniture
Trophy Room Furniture
Ivory Gun Racks
Zebra and Antelope Hides/Rugs
African Shooting Sticks
Stalking Sticks
Premium Take Down Bi-Pod Shooting Sticks
Sword Cane
Scrimshawed Sword Canes
Finer Things
Cigar Storage & Tools
Bar Accessories
Ivory Pens & Office Tools
Humidors & Travel Cases
Black Mamba Dagger
Ivory Pens
Tusk Sets
Scrimshawed "Big Five" Warthog Tusk Canes
Cigar Cutters
Ivory Wine Stoppers
Exotic Openers
Wash Basin/Cooler
Scotch Carriers
Wine Carriers
Biltong Cutter
Warthog Tusk Coat Racks
Rhodesian Teak Pub Tables/Chairs
Closing Weapons
Antique Swords & Knives
Antique War Clubs
Gift Certificates
TurtleSkin Snake Protection Gear
Safari Binocular Sling
Camelbak (R) Hydration Packs
Camelbak (R) Elixir Energy Tablets
Camelbak (R) Cleaning Kit
First Aid Kits
Emergency Survival Gear
Blister Care
Bug Protection
Craig Boddington Books & DVDs
"Perfect Shot" Books
Boddington Safari DVD's
Safari Canvas Luggage and Accessories
Rattlesnake Belts and Accessories
Fixed Blade - Small Scalpels
Faux Zebra Set
Buffalo Horn Bangle Set
Hunting & Compression Socks
Texas Hunt Co. PH Belt
Safari Hats
Wiley X Sunglasses
Safari Guide II
Safari Clothing 2010
APHA Clothing
Safari Guide II
Leatherman Full Size Multi-Tools
Leatherman Pocket Size Multi-Tools
Leatherman Small Size Multi-Tools
Shoe Horn
Rifle Care
Rifle Cleaning
Ammo & Optics Carriers
Leather & Safari Canvas Luggage
Ostrich Cases
Cape Buffalo Gun Cases
Bullhide Culling Belts
Zebra Shell Carriers
Safari Packages
Tracks Across Africa Logo Clothing
Streamlight Flashlights
Streamlight Headlamps
Streamlight Batteries
Chris Reeve Knives
Chris Reeve Fixed Blades
Chris Reeve Tactical Knives
Chris Reeve Folding Knives
Carved Tusk Canes
Plain Tusk "T" Canes
Gun Rack
Customized Cutters
Elephant Belts
Safari Tracks (TM) Jewelry
Warthog Ivory Tusk Jewelry
Cristina Trujillo Jewelry
Safari Tracks Jewelry
Catalog Collectibles
Endurance Luggage
Perfect Shot® Targets
Strong Cases
Boyt Hard Cases
Traditional Packs
Belt Organizers
Double Rifle Tripod Rest
Presentation Grade Shooting Sticks
Premium Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks
Rifle Slings
Snap Caps
PH Watch Cover
Womens Bags
Zebra Chairs & Ottoman
Big Bore Leather & Accessories
Big Bore Nylon Accessories
Optics Carriers & Cleaning
Compression Socks
Sterling Silver Cigar Cutters
Big Bore Nylon
Carbon Fiber Trekking Staff / Shooting Sticks
Heavy Duty Bi-Pods
Prone Tripod / Shotgun Rest
Prone Tripod/Shotgun Rest |"Shorties"
Exotic Wood Letter Openers
Bug Out Mesh Clothing
Women's Office Accessories
Filson Clothing
Filson Luggage & Bags
Filson Hunting Gear
Super Compact Shooting Sticks
Spirit Carriers
British Campaign Furniture
Rhodesian Teak Furniture
Exotic Coasters
Women's Footwear
Other Courteney Products
Courteney Haversacks
Men's Belts
Women's Wrist Bags
Turnbull Shooting Sticks
Courteney Accessories
Personalized Products
Custom Courteney
Dove Hunting Stools
Mounting Solutions
Brush Sticks
New Products
Dark Continent Shooting Sticks
Replacement Parts for Shooting Sticks
Rifle Rests
Olive Accessories
British Campaign Furniture-Rosewood
Courteney Boots - Narrow
Rhodesian Teak Furniture & Canes
Arno Giraffe
Arno Warthog
Arno Mammoth
Croc Belts
Special Deals
Ammo Carriers
Field Bars
Courteney Boot Company Croc Boots
Arno Bernard - Giant Series
Arno Bernard - Predator Series
Arno Bernard - Grazer Series
Arno Bernard - Scavenger Series
Arno Bernard - Bush Baby Series
Arno Bernard - Folding Knives
Shoe Horns
Arno Bernard Knives
Shotgun Accessories
1911 Warthog Grips
Dagga Boy
Arno Bernard Wallets
Courteney Products
Courteney Products
Black Friday Special Offers
Black Friday Special Offers
Cyber Monday 2017
Rosewood British Campaign Furniture
Els & Company
Hippo Boots

Please select a product:

Black Wildebeest Skin - Felted
Blue Wildebeest Skin - Felted
Zebra Skin - Grade A Felted
Zebra Skin - Grade B Felted
Zebra Skin - Grade C Felted
Warthog Tusk Key Ring
Springbok Horn Bottle/Wine Combo
Wall Mounted Spear Rack
Rhodesian Teak Cane/Spear Stand
"Platinum (Hickory) African Shooting Sticks with leather (travel) tops, exotic antelope tops and Cas
"Gold (Oak Shafts) African Shooting Sticks with rubber (travel) tops, Take Down Version"
Trophy Room Gun Rack
Horn-back Crocodile Casual Belt
Take-Down Seasoned Hunter Staff
TAG® Long Sleeve Safari Shirt
African Shooting Stick - GOLD Version
African Shooting Stick - SILVER Version
Seasoned Hunter Staff - PLATINUM Version
Zebra panel/Buffalo Scoped Rifle Case
Zebra/Saddle Leather Shotgun Shell Bag (100 Round)
Zebra/Saddle Leather Shotgun Shell Pouch (Single Box)
Zebra/Saddle Leather "Spair Pair" two shell carrier
Dagga Boy/Ivory Skinner
Dagga Boy Drop Point
Scrimshawed "Big Five" Warthog Cane - Rhodesian Teak
African Shooting Stick - PLATINUM Version
Warthog Tusk Sword Cane
African Bubinga Humidor
Raindrop Folder
Elephant Knot - Sterling Silver Gemsbok Horn Bracelet
Take-Down Campaign Chair - African Mahogany
Campaign Table - African Mahogany
Harry Moon Wash Basin / Champagne Bucket - African Mahogany
Leather Scotch Carrier
Double Bottle Wine & Glass Carrier
“Majestic” Mammoth Tusk and African Blackwood Pen
"Olympic" Mammoth Tusk and African Blackwood Pen
Twisted Bangle - Sterling Silver Gemsbok Horn Bracelet
Xikar Exotic Wood and Leather Travel Case
Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters
Xikar Exotic Wood Cigar Cutters
Warthog Opener
Springbok Opener
Scrimshawed Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters: Cape Buffalo
African Bubinga Three Piece Desk Set with Custom Exotic Wood Stand
Courteney Boot Two-Tone Tyre "Selous" [Men's Reg/Wide]
Courteney Boot "Safari"
[Men's Reg/Wide]

TurtleSkin Reversible Snake Gaiters
Safari Binocular Sling
The Grizzly
The Sportsman
Three Blister Care Kits
Buffalo! - [Hardcover Book]
From Mount Kenya to the Cape - - [Hardcover Book]
Safari Rifles II - [Hardcover Book]
Where Lions Roar - [Hardcover Book]
The Perfect Shot: Mini Edition for Africa II
Buffalo: Shot Placement and Trophy Evaluation (Mini Edition)
Boddington on Leopard - [DVD]
The African Experience - [DVD]
Melvill & Moon African Ranch Bag
Scrimshawed Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters: Elephant
Scrimshawed Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters: Leopard
Scrimshawed Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters: Lion
Scrimshawed Mammoth Ivory Cigar Cutters: Initials
Platinum Safari Gear Package
Gold Safari Gear Package
Silver Safari Gear Package
Rohner Trekking Socks
Wiley X Sunglasses: Knife
Wiley X Sunglasses : Romer II
Wiley X Sunglasses : P-17
Red Oak: Take-Down Tripod African Shooting Sticks
Zebra Shell Carrier Package
British Campaign Chairs & Side Table Package - African Mahogany
Men's Zip-off Field Pants
Men's Professional Hunter Shorts
Permethrin Clothing Insect Repellent
The 300 Micro Cleaning Kit
Leatherman Small Size Multi-Tool: Micra
Reversible Snake Gaiters
Exotic Leather Culling Belts
Zebra/Saddle Leather Shotgun Shell Bag (100 Round)
Zebra/Saddle Leather Shotgun Shell Pouch (Single Box)
"Zebra/Saddle Leather ""Spair Pair"" two shell carrier"
Hunter Pants
Trident Green Light LED
Argo HP White Light LED
Energizer Six-Pack of 123 Lithium Batteries
British Campaign Gun Rack - African Mahogany
Customized Cutter
Boddington on Buffalo 2 - [DVD]
Courteney Boot "The Vellie"
[Men's Reg/Wide]

Courteney Boot "Patrol"
[Men's Reg/Wide]

Scrimshawed Warthog Tusk T Cane with Ivory Inlay
Leather 6 oz. Hip Flask by David Nickerson
Sterling Warthog Opener
Mullholland Brothers All Leather Flat Shave Kit
The Perfect Shot® Buffalo Targets (life size)
The Perfect Shot® Big Five Targets
The Perfect Shot® Plains Game Targets
Double Rifle Tripod Rest
Tripod Carbon Fiber Shooting Sticks
Rifle Rod One Piece
Rifle Rod Three Piece
Ivory Warthog Tusk Letter Opener and Magnifying Glass Set
Dresser Caddy
Exotic Hide Drink Coasters
Padded Sling with Exotic Leather Inlay
Rifle Snap Caps
PH Watch Cover
Tilley Snap-Up Brim Cotton Duck Hat
Tilley Broad Brim Outback Hat
Zebra Skin Wingback Chair
Zebra Skin Office Chair
Zebra Skin Ottoman with Nailhead Design
Fatigue Fighter® Compression Socks
Kynoch Jags
Kynoch Brushes
Suture/Syringe Medic
Oral Rehydration Salts
Bull Hide Culling Belt
Double Rifle Six Pack
Safari Five™ Wallet
Eyeglass Case
Cordura Scope Case
Safari Cleaning Kit
Heavy-Duty Bipod | Silver Version
Prone Tripod Model | "Shortie"
The Courteney® Impala Haversack
Courteney Leather Gaiters
Courteney Boot "Courteney Hunter"
[Men's Reg/Wide]

The Perfect Shot DVD
Rosewood/Cocobolo Letter Opener
Maple/Leopardwood Letter Opener
Maple/Bubinga Letter Opener
Maple/Cocobolo Letter Opener
Rosewood/Maple Letter Opener
Maple/Rosewood Letter Opener
Bianca Handbag
Horn-back Crocodile Ranger Belt
Bug-Out Bug Pack
Courteney® Cape Buffalo Belt: Brown
Saltwater Crocodile Hornback Hat Band
Saltwater Crocodile Hornback Hat Band (with teeth)
Crocodile Tooth Pendant
African Hunter Pack - Zebra
African Hunter Pack - Giraffe
African Hunter Pack - Hippo
Zebrawood or Ebony Wine Stopper
Alligator Bi-Fold Wallet
Alligator Front Pocket Wallet
Biltong Cutter
Courteney Cape Buffalo Cobra Sling
2" Canvas Sling
3.2mm Signature EV Ultra Insoles
1.6mm Softec Response Insoles
Hickory: Take-Down Tripod Version African Shooting Sticks
Courteney Boot "Bushveld"
[Men's Reg/Wide]

African Hunter Pack - Elephant
Super Compact Shooting Sticks
Courteney Boot "Ostrich Safari"
[Men's Reg/Wide]

Sawyer Tick Pliers
Gator Weekender Bag - Chocolate
Big Bore Cartridge Slide
The SA-6 Six Box Ammo Carrier
Folding Director's Chair - Rhodesian Teak
Folding Side Table - Rhodesian Teak
Canvas & Leather Culling Belt
Two Chair / One Table Package - Rhodesian Teak
Courteney Boot "Hippo Safari" in Brown Suede
[Men's Reg/Wide]

CamelBak® Ambush™ Hydration Pack
The Perfect Shot II
Courteney Boot Co. - "The Courteney Hunter" [Women's]
Courteney® Cape Buffalo Belt: Black
Picaridin Insect Repellant Kit
ChitoSAM Active Hemostatic Dressing
Courteney® Ostrich Haversack
Exotic Hide 3-Piece Holder Set in Elephant
Exotic Hide 3-Piece Holder Set in Cape Buffalo
Exotic Hide 3-Piece Holder Set in Zebra
Double Rifle Case
Scoped Rifle Case
Deluxe Shooting Bag
Rimfire Shell Carrier (.22)
Padded Blind Rest
Nitro Express Pen Caddy
Zebrawood Cigar Barrel with Mammoth Medallion
Courteney® Leather Conditioner
Courteney Boot Co. "The Ostrich Safari" [Women's]
Nitro Express Bottle Opener
Courteney® Wrist Bag in Plum Leather
Courteney® Wrist Bag in Chocolate Suede
Courteney® Wrist Bag in Denim Suede
Courteney® Wrist Bag in Honey Leather
Courteney Boot Company - Laces
Gecko in Warthog
Courteney Custom Boots
Leather Travel Bar Whiskey Set
Dove Hunting Stool
Classic Table Stand
Courteney Custom Boots (Women's)
Courteney Boot "Chocolate Croc Safari"
[Men's Reg/Wide]

Courteney Boot "Toffee Croc Safari"
[Men's Reg/Wide]

Courteney Boot "Safari" in Buffalo w/Croc Accents
[Men's Reg/Wide]
Wild Olive Ashtray
Wild Olive Coasters with Stand
Wild Olive Pen Holder
.470 NE Desk Set
Rhodesian Teak Business Card Holder
.470 Nitro Culling Belt
Dark Continent Shooting Sticks
Heavy-Duty Carrying Case
Pair of Hand-Sewn, circular leather tops
Six Noise Suppression Bumpers
New Shock Cord
Plastic Caps for Bottoms
Replace ALL Components
Sand & Reseal
Sharpen Points
Install All Components
Replace Leg
Courteney® Safari Shirt
Kruger Folding Table - Rosewood
Sundowner Field Bar/Desk - Rosewood
Maasai Folding Chair - Rosewood
Himba Folding Chair - Rosewood
Elk Work Gloves
Insulated Deerskin Gloves
"Majestic" Faux Ivory and African Blackwood Pen
"Olympic" Faux Ivory and African Blackwood Pen
2017-2018 Catalog
Courteney Boot Company "The Ostrich Safari" [Men's Narrow]
Courteney Boot Company "The Hunter" [Men's Narrow]
Courteney Boot "Hippo Safari" in Grey Suede
Wild Dog in Warthog
Squirrel in Warthog
Galago in Warthog
Hippo in Giraffe Bone
Lion in Giraffe Shin Bone
Zebra in Giraffe Bone
Nyala in Giraffe Bone
Wild Dog in Giraffe Shin Bone
Gecko in Giraffe Shin Bone
Squirrel in Giraffe Shin Bone
Galago in Giraffe Shin Bone
Hippo in Mammoth Molar
Lion in Mammoth Molar
Zebra in Mammoth Molar
Nyala in Mammoth Molar
Wild Dog in Mammoth Molar
Gecko in Mammoth Molar
Squirrel in Mammoth Molar
Galago in Mammoth Molar
Mammoth Bark Cigar Cutter
Courteney Boot Co. "The Selous" in Brown [Women's]
Courteney Boot Co. Brown "Selous" [Men's Narrow]
Selous Sundowner Case - Rosewood
Mana Pools Table - Rosewood
Green Hills Bookcase - Rosewood
Mammoth Molar Drop Point
Mammoth Molar Skinner
Arno Bernard Knives Replacement Sheath
Courteney Boot Brown Ripple "Selous" [Men's Reg/Wide]
Els & Co Deluxe Bino Strap
Els & Co Silencer Sleeve
Brown Cape Buffalo Shotgun Sleeve
Brown Cape Buffalo Shell Carrier
'Elegance' - Sterling Silver Gemsbok Horn Bracelet
The "Spanish Chair" in Leather - African Mahogany
The "Spanish Chair" in Canvas - African Mahogany
Shoe Horn
Elephant in Giraffe Shin Bone
Cheetah in Giraffe Shin Bone
Croc in Mammoth Molar
Sable in Warthog
Warthog in Giraffe Shin Bone
Jackal in Warthog
Marabou in Warthog
Wolverine in Giraffe Shin Bone
Old 67” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Old 69” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Old 70” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Old 71” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Old 72” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Old, heavily constructed 74” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Very old 77” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Very old 83” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Very old 100” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Old 87” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Old 69” Jr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Newer 76” Maasai lion spear
Old 64” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Old, heavily constructed 61” Sr. Moran Maasai lion spear
Kudu Tip Key Ring
Leather & Ostrich Bi-Fold Wallet
Leather & Ostrich Front Pocket Wallet
1911 Warthog Grips
Els & Co Somerset Open Cartridge Pouch
Els & Co Somerset Covered Cartridge Pouch
Els & Co Hogsback Hunting Belt
Deerskin Shooting Gloves
Deerskin Shooting Half Finger Gloves
Els & Co Wind Check
Els & Co Shotgun Cartridge Belt
Els & Co Diepkloof Flask & Sleeve
Test Product
Deluxe Shot Shell Carrier
Aluminum Snap Caps (Pair)
2018 Sporting Classics Knife of the Year
Kimberly Stock Cartridge Pouch